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What is Organic Certificate?

In order to obtain an organic product certificate, a number of requirements must be fulfilled. Each of the international standards must be made. In order to obtain the document in question, only production methods adapted to nature should be used. Organic production is based on a production system that mostly consists of local resources and farmers’ activities. All production processes in the system are controlled one by one.

Certificate institutions authorized by the Ministry carry out such inspection, control, evaluation and finally certificate procedures. In order to obtain an organic product certificate, no harmful substances should be used in the production area. An organic certificate is given to companies that comply with the specified standards and that are respectful to the environment by producing in this way. The organic certificate is issued by international impartial review bodies authorized by the ministry.

What is Organic Product Certificate?

An organic product certificate is a type of document issued for products that do not contain any harmful chemicals during their production and are open to control throughout the entire production process. The control and certification processes applied for granting an organic certificate are extremely comprehensive. It is given as a result of the examinations created by keeping the organic agriculture law and international standards together. As a result of the inspections and approval processes carried out in accordance with the authorization principles, the company can become the owner of the certificate that it produces organic products

Organic Product Certificate Processes

There are many steps to be taken into consideration in the process for obtaining organic product certification. If these steps are fulfilled, a certificate can be issued to the company or manufacturer. Organic product certification covers multiple stages such as raw material, manufacturing, product packaging, distribution and final product. If you are planning to get organic certification for any product, the first thing you need to do is to learn the standards thoroughly and put them into practice. You can apply for the organic certificate of the products you produce within the framework of the determined standards.

You need to pay attention that the products you want to apply are included in the certificate group. These evaluations are made by authorized certification companies. With the application, pre-evaluation is made and a mutual organic product certificate contract is signed if the other party deems it appropriate. With the signing of the contract in question, the relevant company accepts the responsibilities for the implementation of all standards.

After the signed contract, the process required to obtain an organic product certificate begins. The product for which the organic product certificate is to be obtained must be delivered as a sample. The manufacturer company sends samples to the authorized company that evaluates the process. During this stage, production facilities, production stages and all other elements are also controlled. The product given as a sample is examined in a laboratory environment. It is tested and analyzed. These processes are the last processes made before the organic product certification approval. After all tests and on-site inspections, organic product certificates can be issued for products that are found suitable within the framework of international standards.

What are the Benefits of Organic Agriculture?

Today, even if the soils of our country are extremely fertile, the number of producers who fully fulfill the organic farming requirements is unfortunately very small. Producers, who use traditional agricultural methods more frequently, continuously supplement the products with chemical pesticides in order to obtain fast and abundant products. In addition, the use of chemical drugs in organic production is strictly prohibited. Since all processes are equivalent to nature, the use of this method to respect the environment should become widespread, although the production is not too much.

Organic farming has many other benefits. If we need to take a closer look at these benefits;

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Protecting the generations that will come after us
In order for future generations to be healthier, it is necessary to choose the right foods. Providing healthy food is a responsibility.

To prevent soil losses
The use of chemical fertilizers spoils the structure of the soil.

Maintaining the quality of the water
Chemical drugs contaminate underground and surface water resources.

Save energy
A lot of fuel is consumed in modern farming methods. This amount may exceed the amount of fuel used in the industry.

No chemical drug residue
Pesticides can cause many different diseases, especially cancer.

Protecting employees involved in agricultural production
Uncontrolled chemical fertilizers used in production seriously affect the health status of the employees. Employees are very likely to get cancer.


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